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The Vulcan Riders and Owners Club is a great group.
No rules, no dues, no leaders, no policies. 

Especially NO RULES!!


The VROC Madhouse Forum

Welcome to the VROC Madhouse Forum,
Such a lovely place.
Gettin' in your face.

Plenty of loons at the VROC Madhouse Forum
Any time of year
Any time of year
You can lose it here

Mirrors on the Vulcans,
And Sea Foam served on ice.
We are all just animals here
But the bikes are nice.

And in the Dealer's chamber,
The mechs gathered for the feast.
They fumbled with their steely tools
But they just can't kill the Beast!

The last thing I remember,
I was trying to unsubscribe.
I had to find my passage back,
To the place where I could hide.
Relax said the webman
We are programmed to receive


You can check out any time you like,
But you can never leave.

Lyrics by Ace, Skid, Eagle and the Russian Wolf

The original lyrics


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